There will be free transportation between the official tournament hotel and the tournament venue. 



Above you can see the bus stop in front of the hotel.

The venue. 1. Energia Areena, 2. Bus stop, 3. Practise hall

The shuttle bus will depart to the venue 1,5 hours before your match and 30 minutes before practice, so that you will arrive to the venue 1 hour before the match and 5 minutes before your practise time. The schedules will be published on this page, at the Info Desk at the venue and on the info pinboard at the hotel.

Please keep your ID badge with you in a visible place before getting onto the bus – you are not allowed to get onto the bus without an ID badge.

Please leave in time both from the hotel and the hall. In the evenings do not leave your departure from the hall until the last bus, if possible, because it might be too full. The bus will depart when it is full – therefore we hope that all the seats will be filled in.

If you have questions about transportation between the hotel and the venue, please contact the Info Desk or the head of transportation Mr. Kari Turpeinen, tel. +358 45 129 2677.

Timetables for free Shuttle Service from/to the airport:

Airport - Hotel - Airport, Platform 11 (Terminal 2)

NB! Fri 22 April and Mon 25 April are national holidays in Finland. During these days the airport bus will operate on weekend schedule.