Photographer: Harald Raebiger | Source: The Helsinki Tourism Material Bank

What does Helsinki metropolitan area look like?

You can find the answer with the help of these pictures. Feel free to have a look!

Below useful links concerning the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Map of Helsinki and the Metropolitan Area
You can search by the name of the street - do not include the street number. The address of Energia Areena is Rajatorpantie 23, Vantaa.
Rantasipi Airport Hotel (former name Cumulus Airport) is located in address Robert Huberin tie 4, Vantaa.

Helsinki metropolitan area Public Transportation (HRT)
Information about public transport in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Timetables and general guides.

Website of Vantaa City

Helsinki City Tourism Office
The tourist office provides general information about the Helsinki metropolitan Area.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
Information about the airport, timetables, shops and services.

Website of Espoo City
Information about the neighboring City of Espoo.

Website of Kauniainen City
Information about the neighboring City of Kauniainen.