Viktor Axelsen
Date of birth: 04-01-1994
Height: 188 cm
Coach: Lennart Engler (OBK)
Achievements: Winner of WJC, 2nd at Swedish international 2010 and 2011, Winner of U19 Danish Championships
Goals: (Dreams): Best MS player in the world, Win OL and/or WC
Hobbies: Hang out with friends, Facebook, and abit school :-)

Line Kjærsfeldt
Date of birth: 20. april 1994
Event(s): Mixed doubles and Womens double
Height: 172 cm
Coach: Morten Frost and Thomas Engholm
Achievements: bronce in WD at World junior Championship, 2. place at the danish national Championship in WD, 2 times danish junior champion in WD
Goals: to be the best :)

Kim Astrup Sørensen
Date of birth: 06-03-92
Height: 183 cm
Coach: Svend Åge Sørensen, Thomas Kjær & Sune Gavnholt
Achievements:  Mens double Winner of Swedish International 2011, Mens Double 3rd place at World Junior Championships
Goals: Top 5 in the world in mens double or mixed doubles (senior) Dreamgoal - to win All England
Hobbies: Golf, Football, friends and family.