Latest info for EJC 2011 teams                                        31.1.2011

First of all we would like very much to wish you all very Welcome to Vantaa Finland.

Below you will find some quick info just to help you in the beginning of your visit.

From the Airport to the hotels

There is a free of charge shuttle service bus to hotels Rantasipi Airport and Cumulus Airport.
Busses are driving with 20 minutes interval. From Terminal 1 platform 9 and from Terminal 2 platform 11. Platforms are situated just outside both terminals. Please note that we do not arrange pick-ups, thus the route takes just ten minutes by the shuttle.
Schedule can be found at our web-site:

From harbours and railway stations
Just inform your travel details with time and place of arrival and number of persons to and we will arrange a pick-up.

Most of the teams will stay at Rantasipi Airport hotel and we will have an Info Desk there at 13th and 14th of April. After that there will be an Info Stand with the most important news and e.g. bus schedules updated daily.
Teams staying at hotel Cumulus Airport should visit Info Desk at hotel Rantasipi on the day of their arrival to pick up Info letter and get the latest info from the Info Desk.

Teams - arrival and size
We would like very much to have information on arrival details of all teams to ensure proper preparations for your coming. Therefore please inform number of players and officials in your team. This helps us scheduling transportations between hall and hotel, ordering ID badges and other things that depend on the team size. We will be pleased when this information reaches our email at

Team meals
If you have not ordered meals for your team yet, please order them now. Order forms and all other relevant information can be found at our web-site:
Order forms are separate for the venue and the hotel (Rantasipi) and should be sent to email mentioned on the form.

Practise court request form can be found at our web-site:
Requests should reach us no later than April the 5th. Sessions will be confirmed to teams no later than April the 7th. On this stage we have to limit session to one per day per team and maximum 2hours/2courts. Time for practise is from 10:00 to 21:00.
Transport to the practise will be scheduled to start at about 9.15am and to end 15 minutes after the last session.

Team managers meeting

Will be held at the tournament Venue on 14th of April at 19:00. Buses from hotels at 18:30.

Please follow our web-site for latest new:

Trust the future!