Max Schwenger
Date of birth: 28.04.1992
Height: 173cm
Coach: Holger Hasse
Achievements: 3. Place World Championships U19 Mixed
Goals: Gold EM U 19
Hobbies: Other Kinds of Sport, Party

Fabienne Deprez
Date of birth: 08/02/92
Events: Singles, (Mixed)
Height: 1.71
Coach: Xu Yan Wang, Holger Hasse
Achievements: ¼ final world championships WS U19 2010, 2. Place European champs MX U19 2009
Goals : semi-final ws
Hobbies : music, friends

Isabel Herttrich
Date of Birth: 17.03.1992
Events(s): double & mixed
Height: 166cm
Coach: Jacek Hankiewicz, Diemo Ruhnow / Holger Hasse
Achievements: semifinals WJC 2010 mixed, quarterfinals WJC 2010 double, 12x winner NJC
Goals: medal(s)
Hobbies: friends, other sports, cinema